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Delicatessen items

Bakery products

A selection of deli meats and cheese A basket of fresh bread

With a fleet of refrigerated delivery vans and friendly delivery men, we pack and dispatch customer orders swiftly whilst maintaining the quality of the produce.

Add value to your business with our high quality, competitively priced fresh produce.

• Brown loaves (sliced medium, thick)

• White loaves (sliced medium, thick)

• Wholemeal loaves (sliced medium, thick)

• Granary loaves (sliced medium, thick)

• Buns (brown, finger, white)

• Crumpets

• Hot cross buns

• Muffins

• Teacakes

• Sweet products

• Flour

• Grains

• Olives & anti-pasto

• Sun-dried tomatoes

• Seeds & pulses

• Cured meats

• Cheeses

• Seeds

• Spices

• Stock mixes and glazes

• Sugars

• Tomato (chopped, puree, sundried, sunblushed)

• Vanilla products

• Vinegar & cooking wine

• Wide range of edible flowers

• Japanese products

• Mushrooms & truffles

• Nuts

• Pasta

• Pastes, sauces and fats

• Pickles & preserved products

• Rice

• Salt

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Bakery and deli produce

Worldwide Catering Ltd offer a range of bakery and deli products suitable for catering establishments in Greater Manchester. Whether you are restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or cafe, we will have your chosen selection of deli and bakery products ready and delivered to your door when you need them. Our first class delivery service is also available in Liverpool, Leeds and beyond.

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