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Vegetables include:

'A grade' produce, fast delivery

Fresh green vegetables A display of fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetables and Thai produce

Based in Greater Manchester, we supply all kinds of vegetables, from potatoes and carrots to specialist Thai vegetables. Call Worldwide Catering Ltd today to order your 'A grade' quality vegetables at competitive prices, ideal for restaurants who only use the best ingredients.

With a fleet of refrigerated delivery vans and friendly delivery men, we pack and dispatch customer orders swiftly whilst maintaining the quality of the produce.


Add value to your business with our high quality, competitively priced fresh produce.

• Artichokes (globe, Jerusalem)

• Asparagus

• Aubergines

• Baby Corn

• Bean shoots

• Beans (broad, fine, bobby, string)

• Beetroot (raw, golden, cooked)

• Broccoli

• Cabbage green

• Cabbage red

• Cabbage white

• Calabrese

• Carrots (bunched, baby, large, Chantenay)

• Cauliflowers (large, Romanesco)

• Corn on the cob

• Courgettes (green, yellow)

• Garlic

• Kohlrabi

• Leeks

• Mange Tout

• Marrows

• Pumpkins

• Mange Tout

• Marrows

• Pumpkins

• Salsify

• Seakale

• Sprouts

• Squash

• Swedes

• Turnips

• Yams

• Mouli

• Mushrooms (button, cup, flat)

• Okra

• Onions (button, Spanish, Dutch, Red, Silver,

  Shallot Round, Shallot Banana)

• Parsnips

• Patty Pans

• Peas

• Potatoes (Baby Boils, Jersey Royals, Maris

 Piper, Washed, Redskins, Jackets, Sweet,

 Egyptian, Spanish, Italian)

Order your fresh and exotic vegetables and take advantage of our great delivery service.

Contact us for special offers and discounts to trade customers or to find out about our delivery options in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and beyond.