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Herbs include:

'A grade' produce, fast delivery

'A grade' produce, fast delivery

A chef sniffing a handful of fresh herbs Fresh herbs on a wooden chopping board

Herbs and pre-packed salads

Worldwide Catering Ltd provide both fresh and dried herbs of all varieties, including specialist and rare exotic herbs and spices. We also provide large bags of pre-packed salad, ideal for busy restaurants and other establishments in the Greater Manchester area.

With a fleet of refrigerated delivery vans and friendly delivery men, we pack and dispatch customer orders swiftly whilst maintaining the quality of the produce.


Add value to your business with our high quality, competitively priced fresh produce.

• Peppers (black, green, red, yellow,


• Radishes

• Salad cress

• Seaweed

• Spinach

• Spring onions

• Tomatoes (beef, cherry, cherry vine,

  ordinary, plum, plum vine, yellow, yellow

  cherry vine)

• Basil (Thai, green, red)

• Bay leaf

• Borage

• Chervil

• Chillies (red, green, Thai)

• Chives

• Coriander

• Courgette flowers

• Dill

• Edible flowers

• Fennel

• Horseradish

• Micro cress

• Marjoram

• Mint

• Oregano

• Parsley (curly, flat leaf)

• Pea shoots

• Root ginger

• Rosemary

• Sakuri mix cress

• Sage

• Sorrel

• Tarragon

• Thyme

• Watercress

• Avocados

• Beetroot (bunched, cooked, raw, golden)

• Celery

• Chicory (red, white)

• Corn salad

• Cucumbers

• Fennel

• Lettuce (cos, frizzy, iceberg, little gem, lambs, lollo,

  oakleaf, radicchio)

Contact us for special offers and discounts to trade customers. Contact us for fresh and exotic fruit and vegetable supplies in Greater Manchester and beyond.

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